Maurice Baker


Renata and Trev


Another Penny


The Auld Vagabonds


The Violet Bunnies


Harry and Bridget


Facebook Event Photos

Folk Fest Event Photos 



Eddie Gorman & Tracey Cadman Elsender


“The Folk Fest at The Bridge Hotel was a fabulous afternoon of great live music. My thanks to all singers/players – Tracey Cadman Elsender, Meantime, Maurice Baker, Another Penny, The Auld Vagabonds, The Violet Bunnies, and Harry and Bridget – for giving up their time for free and entertaining everybody so wonderfully. Also my gratitude to all that came to listen. It was a fabulous event but it was the people taking part that made it.”
– Steve Willis, Festival Organiser


Videos: Eddie Gorman, Event Co-host


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