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Most of the wonderful photos and videos on this site have been embedded or uploaded from public posts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

They celebrate:

  • the performers and venues who have given their time, talents and resources for free
  • the audiences who have made the Festival such a fantastic, free community event and raised so much money for charity.

We very much appreciate the support of the professional photographers and video makers who have given us permission to include their work.

In all cases, we have tried to identify copyright holders and have asked for permission to include their work.

However, despite the most diligent efforts, when materials have been re-posted and shared over different social networks by different people it can be difficult to know who to contact and credit.

  • If anything has been incorrectly credited, or you feel that your copyright has been infringed by inclusion of your material on this site, please get in touch.

There are many other excellent photos and videos that have been shared on Social Media – but not as Public Posts, eg. they are restricted to “Facebook Friends” or have been posted in “Closed” Facebook Groups.  As these are not “public”, we cannot include them on this website.

There will be many other relevant photos and videos posted on the internet that are not “discoverable” because there is no reference to the Crossing The Tyne Festival. If you would like to have your public photos or videos considered for inclusion on the site, please help us to find them by:

  • mentioning the Crossing The Tyne Festival
  • using the Festival hashtag  #CrossingTheTyneFestival 
  • or sending us a link.


  • All videos and images are the property of the respective copyright holders.
  • Copyright holders are credited
  • You should ask Copyright holders for permission if you want to re-use their work

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