Festival Organiser and Team

The Crossing The Tyne Festival is a huge collaborative, voluntary effort.  Steve Willis, Festival Organiser is supported by a large team of helpers – a “Crossing The Tyne Team Page” will be added soon!

  • Some of the team members helping Steve with the communication, social media and the website are listed below, so you know who is “on the other end” when you contact us.

You can use the Email Contact Form to contact us.  Or regular email, or Facebook, Twitter or Website/Blog comments. Choose what works best for you and why you want to get in touch.

Performers – 2017 Festival

Please try to contact the Event Organiser for your venue in the usual way if you have any questions, need to advise of any changes, etc.

Email Contact Form:

Contact Steve Willis, Festival Organiser, and his team:

Other ways you can connect with us!


  • crossingthetynefestival AT gmail.com to:
    • Jan Buglass
    • Lesley Tan
    • Steve Willis


Crossing The Tyne Facebook Page

Follow, read. comment, post to the Page or message the Page Admins and Editors:

  • Facebook Page Admins:
    • Derrin Atkins
    • Liz Panton
    • Lesley Tan
    • Steve Willis
  • Facebook Page Editors:
    • Wayne Bordoli
    • Jan Buglass
    • Harry Gallagher
    • Eddie Gorman
    • Stephen Oxjam Ferrrell
    • Emily Fay Palmer-Giles

Crossing The Tyne Facebook Group

Follow the Group, view content, join the Group to comment and post or message the Group Admin Team:

  • Facebook Group Admins:
    • Derrin Atkins
    • Wayne Bordoli
    • Jan Buglass
    • Liz Panton
    • Ray Rowley
    • Lesley Tan
    • Steve Willis


Website and Blog:

  • crossingthetynefestival.uk
    • Admin: Liz Panton
    • Editor: Lesley Tan
    • Emails via Contact Form: Liz Panton
    • Website Feedback (via Contact Form or Comments): Liz Panton
    • Website oversight: Steve Willis

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