Accessibility for people with disabilities

This page is being updated for 2019

Accessibility varies and we do not have information for all venues.

All the links below are included in venue details on the Festival Programme Page.

The wheelchair symbol is used on the Festival Google Map to indicate accessible venues. There are also map “layers” for just the accessible venues. De-selecting the “All Venues” layers will show only accessible venues.

Venues with Access Information

These venues have access information on their websites:

  • Venue 1 (F) Music on The Ferry: Access Info
  • Venue 2 (S) Ferry Landing Terminal – South Side: Access Info
  • Venue 5 (S) Customs House: Access Info
    • Extra info: There is no gravel outside the Customs House. The road is cobbled but there are several crossings for access avoiding cobbles.
  • Venue 6 (N) Old Low Light Heritage Centre: Access Info
  • Venue 10 (S) The Word: Access Info

Other venues rated “accessible”

These venues are rated as accessible by On The Case Music. Contact the venues directly for further details:

Information from “Accessibility Crowdsourcing” (see below)

  • Venue 8 (N) Lovaine Community Garden, North Shields
    • Wheelchair-friendly
    • No toilets
  • Venue 4 (N) The Exchange, North Shields
    • Full wheelchair access to bar and music venues

Further accessibility information to be added to this page and to venues listed on the Festival Programme Page as it becomes available.

You can help us to Crowdsource Accessibility Information here: Venue Accessibility?

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