Fantastic Fourth Free Festival yesterday! Thank you EVERYONE! ♫❤️♬

2018 Crossing The Tyne Festival Google Map screenshot 800x436 + NOTES

Phew! We all did it again – and no one fell in the river!

It is obvious from all the photos and videos posted on Social Media that everyone had a great time yesterday! We sort of had a hunch that you might!

Festival Organiser, Steve Willis, and his Admin Elves will be collecting and counting all the donations to the Festival Charity, Metro Radio Cash for Kids.  We will let you know how well we have done this year as soon as possible!


2 thoughts on “Fantastic Fourth Free Festival yesterday! Thank you EVERYONE! ♫❤️♬

    1. Thank you Jim! That is MUCH appreciated 🙂

      I am guessing that you had a good Festival? . . . If anyone jumped overboard while you were playing on the Ferry, no one mentioned it to me 🙂

      I will make sure that Steve sees your comment!

      Best wishes,
      Liz Panton
      (Festival Web Monkey)


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