Strum on The Tyne – Plan for Performers and Helpers

Strum on The Tyne Plan

The response to this event has been fantastic! A quick survey of clubs and bands yesterday suggests that we can expect to have between 80 and 100 people performing during the afternoon!


The Old Low Light Heritage Centre has kindly offered to stay open until at least 6:00 so that we can accommodate everyone who has booked to play.

Even so, it has been a challenge to fit everyone into the Programme and still leave some time for “Open Stage” slots. We will have to be very strict about keeping to time.


The Old Low Light staff and volunteers are also very kindly erecting two two marquees for us outside the cafe. However, this is the first time that they have been used.  Until they are up we will not know how many people they will accommodate on stage.

Many of you are helping by bringing essential stage equipment with you:

  • music stands
  • portable amps to supplement the PA and amplifiers provided by Festival organisers
  • even folding chairs and stools!

I know that there is good networking within and between the groups, bands and clubs along the Tyne. Although it is always better to have spare equipment on hand than to have too little, this might be a good time to “buddy up” and arrange to share equipment. It will also save time in the “turnaround” between acts if some gear can remain on stage for the next act. (Isn’t it lucky that I happened to schedule Dam Jammers and Bay Uke so close together on the same stage!)

Sound and Power

Lalya Gaye is “Sound Tech Prof” for the Event, assisted by Donna Cairns. Jon Lee, a very experienced “Sound Guy” is also coming to help us to set up.

Mains power for the PA, amplifiers, etc. will be provided by extension cable from inside the Cafe – through the window.

  • Please take care around stage area or anywhere near electrical cables
  • If you are using the sound equipment provided, or need any help or advice with your own sound gear, please ask to speak to Lalya, Donna or Jon.
  • Please do NOT plug in or unplug instruments or cables until you have been told that it is safe to do so.
  • Please do NOT turn stage amplifiers on OR off .  If it is your own amplifier, just make sure that you have the Volume turned down to Zero before you do either.

Running Order

Performers: the “Acts in Running Order – Timings” document below should help you with:

  • knowing when to set up and on which stage
  • being ready to start on time
  • finishing on – or ahead of – time
  • knowing how long you then have to make way for the next act to set up

Two Stages and Turnaround Time

The Event starts at 12:00 and must finish by or before 6:00.

There will be two stages. For most of the day, acts will alternate between the stages.

This means that most acts will be able to set up and “take down”while someone else is performing on the other stage.

The 5 minutes allowed for “Turnaround Time”  is to give us a bit more leeway!

Acts in Running Order – Timings

Find your Band / Solo Slot in the embedded document below – you can also download it here to print a copy:

Strum on The Tyne – Plan – Acts in Running Order

If anyone spots any errors please let me know. If the documents are updated they do not need to be re-issued – they automatically update on this page, so they are always the most up-to-date versions.

Full Programme

I hope that there will not need to be any changes but, if anyone spots any errors, please let me know and I will correct them. If the spreadsheet is updated it does not need to be re-issuei – it automatically updates on this page.

You might need to scroll or “grab and drag” in the frame below to see the whole timetable.

There is a web page version here: Strum on The Tyne 2017 – Full Programme

(These spreadsheets do NOT print out nicely at all. If you want to print it, but this will not automatically update if there are changes, here is a screenshot).


Old Low Light Heritage Centre,
North Shields Fish Quay
Clifford’s Fort,
Fish Quay,
North Shields
NE30 1JA

(Roughly across the road from the Low Lights Pub and behind The Staith House Pub)

There is a small cafe in the Heritage Centre right next to the Stage Marquees.

The weather forecast is looking OK at the moment, but I would take a brolly, just in case!


There is free parking right next to the Old Low Light plus ticketed off street and on street parking not far away.

If the parking spaces are full next to the Old Low Light then there is still plenty of space to pull up to unload.

If you add “car park” to this search it should show you all car parking in the immediate area:

If I have missed something essential – please contact me!

I am looking forward to a wonderful day! Seeing and hearing everyone singing, playing and having a great time!

Liz Panton

Contact details:
via Festival Contact Form
Email: ukulele.allsorts AT
Twitter: @ukuleleallsorts

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